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Pro wrestling might be predetermined but it isn’t fake. And if you need an example of how real this sport actually is, subject yourself to the agony Cody Rhodes went through Sunday night.

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins were in the main event of Hell in a Cell in a Hell in a Cell match. That kind of match is painful to begin with but Rhodes entered the match with a torn pectoral muscle suffered while weightlifting. And if anyone thought that was some sort of “storyline” injury, those thoughts ended when Cody took his jacket off and the entire right side of his upper chest and inner arm was badly bruised.

The match finished off a feud between the two that began with Cody’s return to WWE at WrestleMania. Rhodes won the first two matches and made it three for three when he delivered two Cross Rhodes finishers to Rollins and then really finished him off with a sledgehammer shot to the face in a match that lasted over 24 minutes. After the match, Rhodes took to the mic and revealed that no one pressured him to wrestle while injured and it was his decision.

The WWE Universe and the wider pro wrestling community had a multitude of emotions about Cody’s performance. Whether they felt that Rhodes shouldn’t have been wrestling in the first place or that it was an unbelievable test of the human will to go out and do what he did, no one can deny they saw something special. It’s reported that he will need surgery and miss an extended period of time but whenever he does have his next match, Cody Rhodes will get an incredible ovation from the crowd.


[Photo: WWE]

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