Dear people who have big cars and think they can drive through anything: You’re not invincible (or above basic traffic laws).

Want some evidence? Look no further than Santa Rosa, California. A man driving a jacked-up white Hummer decided it was a good idea to drive his car onto a flooded road Monday. It didn’t end well. It took 21 first responders and a freaking helicopter to save this man from death.

Here’s how the fire chief described the incident:

Two triangular signs reading “Flooded” and “Road Closed” blocked the road, said Sebastopol Fire Chief Bill Braga, who was at the site.

The driver asked people nearby what was happening and was told the road was flooded with deep water. The driver responded something akin to “‘I don’t think so. Watch me,’” the chief said, quoting bystanders.

“He starts going into the water with his fancy Humvee,” Braga said, using the trademarked name for military vehicles. “Halfway across, the current picked up his Humvee…it just pushed it into the deep water off the road. 

“That’s where we found him. He was all the way in the back of the Humvee, in the water, soaking wet.”

So far, this moron hasn’t been identified. But apparently, he wasn’t the only one who thought it was a good idea to drive through a road that was flooded by nearly a foot of water.

Adrian Banuelos, 17, easily drove his silver 2005 Silverado with 33-inch tires through the flooded area. Banuelos, a junior at Analy High School who lives in Graton, said he was assessing the flooding. “I wouldn’t try it if it was any deeper,” he said.

Ken and Michelle Buegeleisen also crossed through on a tour of the area.

“We’re just looking to see how bad it is going to be tomorrow,” Ken Buegeleisen said.

I laughed when I read what the 17-year-old had to say. I’m sure you would’ve gone to another road if there was another inch. Whatever you have to tell yourself.

While it might seem harmless to blow a stop sign or a red light, a road having to be closed because of flooding is a PRETTY BIG DEAL. So let’s try to obey more traffic laws in 2017. Ok, folks?

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