Coaching, like all forms of teaching, requires a keen sense of when it’s appropriate to intervene to help your pupils and when it’s best to let them make their own mistakes.

For one well-dressed youth coach, whose identity has sadly yet to emerge online, there was no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

Your first hint that this guy might take his job too seriously is the shirt and tie he’s wearing on the sidelines while he coaches kids who probably can’t tie their own shoes. Your second hint was probably how intense he was on the sideline, jumping and screaming “go, go, go” and then “no, no, no.”

I’m going to introduce a conspiracy theory here: What if Young No. 2, with help from his teammate No. 1, was actually shooting on the wrong hoop on purpose, to teach a lesson to his coach about not getting so worked up about youth basketball?

Think about it. How could the kid, who has presumably been running back and forth the whole game, not know which basket belonged to his own team? There was no deception here, he just went the wrong way. That’s a pretty inexplicable error, even for a little kid.

And wouldn’t it make sense that the kids would be fed up with their over-bearing coach for shouting at them all the time? And if they were pissed that this adult took their dumb basketball games so seriously, couldn’t they have devised a protest to demonstrate to him how foolish it all was?

Stay woke, is all I’m saying.

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