One of the strangest stories of the baseball offseason was Chicago White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche’s abrupt retirement.

LaRoche hung up the cleats and left $13 million on the table over a disagreement with White Sox executive Kenny Williams, who told LaRoche he didn’t want him to bring his son, Drake, into the locker room as much. The move left some White Sox players unhappy. Now, one creative individual made a GoFundMe page in an attempt to recoup some of LaRoche’s losses.

The page titled the “LaRoche Family Recovery Fund,” created by the user Chris Sale, the teammate who expressed the most disgust at the decision, wrote the campaign was created to help get the LaRoche family back on their feet.

“Beloved member of the White Sox organization, Drake LaRoche, was abruptly removed from the team by executive VP Kenny Williams.  This gave his loving father, Adam LaRoche, no other choice but to stand by his son and retire from the team, losing 13 million dollars in the process.  

Please help support the LaRoche family and get them back on their feet.

Drake not only lost his position in the club house and on the team, but also he lost the guidance and leadership from multiple father figures on the Chicago White Sox.  This transition into a normal education outside of Major League Baseball will be tough for Drake and we’re asking for your help.  Thank you.


Arguably the best part of the GoFundMe page is the fake donations. Everybody from Brett Lawrie, Kenny Williams and Drake LaRoche have made a donation and the encompassing messages are hilarious.

Brett Lawrie Hahn Kenny Williams LAroche RV


The campaign has raised more than $1500 for the LaRoche family but isn’t anywhere close to reaching its lofty $13 million goal.

Whoever made the page, well done. It’s funny and sums up a bizarre situation. Let’s hope it hits its $13 million goal so LaRoche can be even more comfortable with his decision.

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