Paul George

We’ve seen some premature tattoos before, such as the Dallas Cowboys’ fan who got a “Super Bowl LI champions” tattoo (and later changed it to “Super Bowl LII“), and we’ve seen tattoos in embarrassing places, such as the New England Patriots’ fan who tattooed Tom Brady’s face on his ass. Now, finally, we have the two together. Reddit user doritopope gave us this post Sunday evening, focusing on how confident he is that Indiana Pacers’ star Paul George will come to Toronto:

Fuck it, if this post receives 2000 upvotes and Paul George doesn’t come to the Raptors, I will tattoo a dinosaur on my ass from torontoraptors

Yeah, a promise of a dinosaur tattoo is pretty great. Putting it on your ass seems even better. And it gets even better still when you look at the specific dinosaur he’s talking about:

The dinosaur for this guy's tattoo.

That would be quite the tattoo. And it looks like there’s a good chance it’s going to happen; the chances of George winding up with the Raptors seem pretty slim, and the post already had 11,700 upvotes as of Sunday night, just four hours after it was initially posted. The poster has been quite adamant he’s going to live up to it, too. But just in case he doesn’t, someone else who commented on it will at least partially satisfy the internet’s thirst for tattoos:

Ass tattoos for everyone!


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