grayson allen

That one-game suspension seems to have done wonders for the behavior of Duke’s Grayson Allen. Just check out what happened Tuesday.

During the Blue Devils’ loss to Florida State, Allen headed toward the Seminole bench going for a loose ball. While going for the ball is fine and dandy, what happened after that wasn’t. No, he didn’t kick/trip anyone. Instead, he went for the two-hand shove of a Florida State assistant.

So, since Duke laid down the law on Allen and gave him that hefty suspension (insert sarcasm font), Allen has already tried to trip someone on Boston College and now pushed a coach on the Florida State bench. Luckily for Allen, the BC player didn’t fall and the FSU coach shove was kind of subtle, so the nation didn’t have collectively lose it again.

You want to hate this guy, and rightfully so. But I’m just more confused than anything. Why does he continue to do this? He has to be smart enough (or at least told enough) that people are now watching him at all times. He can’t get away with even the slightest push, much less a full on shove of an assistant coach. Also, why even do this in the first place? He just looks like a 10-year-old mad about losing.

I think the only thing that can help Allen at this point is a psychiatric evaluation. There just doesn’t seem to be a logical explanation for this behavior. I get Duke has had some real a-holes in their program (see Laettner, Christian), but this is just beyond weird.


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