If you thought Grayson Allen’s issues were somehow cured after a one-game suspension, then hello Coach K! Thanks for reading!

For everyone else who realized Allen was only suspended because the ACC would have done it anyway (and maybe for longer), then today’s new incident comes as no surprise to you. Here’s Grayson (that his name is “Grayson” really can’t be emphasized enough) sort of, maybe, kind of trying to kick or trip an opponent:



Listen, Allen has a problem with self-control. That’s obvious, from his cheap tactics on the court to his meltdown off of it. This isn’t to make light of mental health, and it’s actually fairly irresponsible to pretend that any of us outside observers have any real ability to diagnose whatever is behind Allen’s issues.

Having said that, we can only judge what we see on the court, within the rules of the game by which Allen must abide. No one gets special treatment, and based on that video, there’s zero reason Allen’s leg should have popped up like it did. Since the opposing player didn’t suffer enough contact to go down, it’s safe to assume Duke isn’t going to do anything in the aftermath here, and the conference might not either.

But Allen should and will be heavily scrutinized the rest of the season. Considering he apparently can’t go more than a few games at a time without incident, we should expect another one at some point soon.

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