Conventional wisdom says it takes two or three years to judge an NFL Draft class. Well, we’ve had seven years to watch the players who were drafted in 2009, and it’s probably safe to conclude that said class might be one of the worst in NFL history.

That draft has produced just five first-team All-Pros, which, according to this study from, is the lowest total between 1995 and 2012. But even that’s a bit deceiving, because one of those All-Pros was a punter (Pat McAfee) and three of the other four weren’t skill-position players. No All-Pro quarterbacks, receivers or tight ends, and only one running back (second-rounder LeSean McCoy).

McCoy is also the only multiple All-Pro from that draft class. So that’s six total All-Pro nods among five players, four of whom played offense or defense.

It’s a little too early to start looking at those types of numbers from drafts in the last half-decade, yet the 2012 draft has already produced seven first-team All-Pros in a four-year span. Meanwhile, the 2010 draft has produced 13 All-Pros who have received a total of 26 All-Pro nods, and the 2011 draft has produced 12 All-Pros who have received a total of 20 nods.

But what’s really gross about the 2009 draft is how weak it was at the top.

  • Zero of the top 25 selections have become All-Pros.
  • Only two of the top 10 selections have become Pro Bowlers.
  • Brian Orakpo (13th) is the only top-20 pick with multiple Pro Bowl nods (3).
  • Five players drafted in the top 12 — Jason Smith (2nd), Aaron Curry (4th), B.J. Raji (9th), Aaron Maybin (11th) and Knowshon Moreno (12) — are out of football, and only one — top pick Matthew Stafford — remains on the team that drafted him.
  • Only five first-round picks remain on the teams that drafted them, and only three of those players — Stafford (1st), Brian Cushing (15th) Brandon Pettigrew (20th) — were taken in the top 25.

How does the entire class of 32 first-round selections from 2009 look overall?

Where are they now? 2009 NFL Draft edition

1. Lions: QB Matthew Stafford — Still a Lion, has yet to win a playoff game.
2. Rams: OT Jason Smith — Out of football, hasn’t started a game since 2011.
3. Chiefs: DE Tyson Jackson — Now in Atlanta, has never made a Pro Bowl.
4. Seahawks: LB Aaron Curry — Out of football, hasn’t started a game since 2011.
5. Jets: QB Mark Sanchez — Journeyman scrub with one last shot in Denver.
6. Bengals: OT Andre Smith — Zero-time Pro Bowler might not even be a starter for Vikings.
7. Raiders: WR Darrius Heyward-Bey — On his third team, has yet to go over 1,000 yards.
8. Jaguars: OT Eugene Monroe — Half-decent starter now in Baltimore.
9. Packers: DT B.J. Raji — Retired from the Packers this offseason.
10. 49ers: WR Michael Crabtree — Zero-time Pro Bowler is a Raider.
11. Bills: DE Aaron Maybin — Now an artist in Baltimore, he started just one NFL game.
12. Broncos: RB Knowshon Moreno — Has been out of football since the end of 2014.
13. Redskins: LB Brian Orakpo — Has made three Pro Bowls but is no longer a Redskin.
14. Saints: DB Malcolm Jenkins — Made his first Pro Bowl in 2015, but in Philadelphia.
15. Texans: LB Brian Cushing — Made the Pro Bowl as a rookie, never returned.
16. Chargers: LB Larry English — Has made just 10 starts in seven seasons.
17. Buccaneers: QB Josh Freeman — Unemployed, as has often been the case of late.
18. Broncos: DE Robert Ayers — Zero-time Pro Bowler is now with the Giants.
19. Eagles: WR Jeremy Maclin — Zero-time Pro Bowler is now with the Chiefs.
20. Lions: TE Brandon Pettigrew — Still in Detroit, but just 17 touchdowns in seven years.
21. Browns: C Alex Mack — Three-time Pro Bowler just left Cleveland for Atlanta.
22. Vikings: WR Percy Harvin — Played for four teams the last four years before retiring.
23. Ravens: OT Michael Oher — Zero-time Pro Bowler has already played for three teams.
24. Falcons: DT Peria Jerry — Hasn’t played since 2013.
25. Dolphins: CB Vontae Davis — Two-time Pro Bowler has become a success, but in Indy.
26. Packers: LB Clay Matthews — Six-time Pro Bowler has been a complete success.
27. Colts: RB Donald Brown — Now a Patriot, he’s never gone over 700 yards.
28. Bills: C Eric Wood — Continues to be a successful starter in Buffalo.
29. Giants: WR Hakeem Nicks — Unemployed after a second stint with the G-Men.
30. Titans: WR Kenny Britt — Now in Los Angeles, he’s never gone over 800 yards.
31. Cardinals: RB Beanie Wells — He hasn’t played since 2012, is now a morning radio host.
32. Steelers: DE Evander Hood — Zero-time Pro Bowler is on his fourth NFL team.

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