May has been a big month for Atlanta-area football fans. The Falcons announced they would cut their concessions to the lowest in major professional sports when the franchise’s new stadium opens in 2017, and the NFL named that same stadium host of Super Bowl LIII in 2019.

Now, those two worlds are colliding, and if you did not already believe in the Falcons’ commitment to low concessions prices, you had better start.

Even in the face of the biggest annual North American sporting event coming to town with loads of deep-pocketed out-of-towners attending the game, the Falcons will keep their prices static.

I do not think many would have blamed the team for jacking up its prices to take advantage of the moment. After all, it is doubtful the Falcons are headed to the Super Bowl anytime soon — much less on the same year they host it — so the team would not be gouging many hometown fans. Plus, if you are rich enough to afford a ticket to the Super Bowl, odds are you can fit a $10 hot dog and soda in the budget.

Still, it is certainly good PR for the club to show just how loyal it is to keeping the fan experience cheap no matter who is playing in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. If recent history is any indication, Atlanta fans will need plenty of cheap food and drink to distract themselves from the subpar quality of their team.

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Ben is a recent graduate of Butler University where he served as Managing Editor and Co-Editor-in-Chief for the Butler Collegian. He currently resides in Indianapolis.