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The Las Vegas Raiders are all but eliminated from the postseason chase entering Thursday night’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers, but Maxx Crosby has a message for the analysts who think the team should shut him down for the season.

While it seems almost the entire AFC is still in the running for the playoffs, the Raiders are 5-8 and would need to not only win out, but have very bad things happen to many other teams to earn a berth. That led The Athletic‘s Vic Tafur to write this week that the Raiders should shut down Crosby and star running back Josh Jacobs, who are both banged up.

“Jacobs is a tough guy, but there is no reason for him to play again for the Las Vegas Raiders this season. And he should take Maxx Crosby with him,” Tafur wrote Monday.

Crosby was asked about that prospect Thursday, and the All-Pro defensive end issued a very direct response.

“There’s a lot of ******** going around, talking shutting people down, because of this and that,” Crosby said. “But that’s a bunch of ********.

“At the end of the day, we play and train all year to play in 17 guaranteed. That’s what we plan on doing. We’ve got to finish the season strong.

Really, did anyone expect one of the NFL’s most intense competitors to say anything differently in the face of that speculation?


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