Mike Tyson A fan takes a photo with Mike Tyson and Tyson s cannabis Mike Bites at Zen Leaf in Neptune Township, New Jersey on Saturday, September 3, 2022. Tyson s visit was to promote his cannabis brand Tyson 2.0 and retired professional wrestler Ric Flair s cannabis line Ric Flair Drip. 20220903 Olivialiu Miketysonzenleafneptune 081 Edit

Who had former heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield working together to start an edible business in 2022 on their bingo card? The once-rivals have come together to create “Holy Ears,” which are edibles shaped in the form of ears.


As many recall, Tyson bit a piece of Holyfield’s ear off during their infamous fight in 1997. Since then, however, the two became friends and are now business partners.

“If I was on cannabis, I wouldn’t have bit his ear,” said Tyson in a cheeky statement.

Holyfield explained why he decided to go into business with Tyson in spite of their history.

“I wanted to make sure that things were going to be right, and I realized it was a good deal,” Holyfield said to The New Post.

Tyson has been in the cannabis business for a while. His “Mike Bites” gummies are a hit and Tyson has since ventured out not only to do business with Holyfield but also with pro wrestler Ric Flair. That pair has generated nearly $50 million in their deal and is expected to make $160 million in 2023. Selling cannabis has become a big business within states that have made it legal to sell the product.

{Phillip Lewis, New York Post}

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