Patrick Ewing

It would be fair to say that the Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball program has seen better days. It might also be fair to say that literally any day before this one was considered a better day than where Patrick Ewing’s program has landed.

Coming off a 6-25 season that included an 0-19 Big East conference record and a 21-game losing streak, Ewing’s squad has sputtered to a 3-3 start and has now lost at home to American University for the first time since 1982. Not only is that a loss to a 13.5-point underdog (whom they led by 16 at one point) but it’s also the program’s first loss to a sub-300 KenPom opponent ever.

After a two-win start to the season, the Hoyas have now lost three of their last four to schools that a program like Georgetown has no business losing to (Northwestern, LMU, and American).

As bad as things got last season for Ewing and the Hoyas, the school decided to keep the legendary player as head coach under the assumption that he could get back on track. However, multiple players transferred during the offseason, signaling that this would not be the rebound year that everyone was hopeful for. And so far, it has not, leading many around the college basketball world to wonder when the school will cut Ewing loose and start over because it certainly needs to happen sooner or later.

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