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Many believe that Southern Cal quarterback Caleb Williams will be the No. 1 overall pick in next year’s NFL Draft, and Colorado head coach Deion Sanders is well aware of his talent.

The prolific Williams won the Heisman Trophy last year after a dynamite season quarterbacking the Trojans to an 11-3 record. Williams and his Trojans are Pac-12 contenders again. However, emerging into the thick of things have been the Colorado Buffaloes. The Buffs, led by head coach Deion Sanders, have drawn national appeal and interest over the last few months. The Buffaloes are 3-0 to start the season, thanks to spirited play and the dynamic Shedeur Sanders. Deion’s kid has been more than adept at quarterback, and it’s gotten him rave reviews.

Experts have shot him up draft boards and believe he could be one of the top quarterbacks chosen in next year’s NFL Draft. Sanders, though, is much more temperamental. Coach Prime clarified that patience will be critical in this process for Shedeur. He’s looking out for him not just as a coach but as his father as well.

Sanders talked to Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report in an interview on social media on Wednesday. During the interview, Shedeur and his NFL Draft prospects came up.

“You gotta understand now, you know we’re never caught off guard on anything,” Sanders said. “We have discussed every possible scenario that can be had with both of our sons. All three of our sons, you know Jr., he’s going to be up there photographing it and doing his thing. It’s no surprises under the sun with us.”

Sanders said that it wasn’t about what he’s seeing from players before they make the jump but “a whole lot of other things.” Sanders continued on, talking about NIL, and said that the valuation has changed there, too, unless you’re one of the top picks in the NFL Draft. But it stops there for Coach Prime.

“But Shedeur don’t wanna be 2 to nobody, he don’t get down like that,” Sanders said. The Colorado coach acknowledged Williams, called him a ‘phenomenal’ quarterback, but said, “Shedeur’s no backseat rider. He drive his Maybach. He don’t have a driver in it, he drives it.”

It’s safe to say that Sanders will keep his son’s best interests in mind, but he’s not afraid to praise him, even if it means against a talented QB like Caleb Williams. USC plays Colorado next weekend in Boulder in what should be a tremendous game.

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