Colorado State vs. Nevada

The referees calling Friday night’s game between the Colorado State Rams and Nevada Wolfpack have been making some pretty brutal calls (and non-calls), but nothing will compare to the truly mind-blogging first-down call they made in the second quarter.

Winless Colorado State led the Wolfpack 14-0 late in the second quarter and had Nevada pinned back pretty deep on their end of the field. On 3rd and five, a Rams stop would mean a punt from the endzone and great field position to work with as they attempt to extend their lead. Sure enough, they do stop Nevada’s running back well short of the first down line. However, despite the fact that the Wolfpack runner stopped advancing at least a full yard short of the first-down marker, he was awarded the first down.

Not only did this keep Nevada’s drive alive unfairly but they converted it into a touchdown, cutting Colorado State’s lead in half.

If Nevada ends up winning this game by a handful of points, there’s going to be a lot of finger-pointing at this botched call. Regardless, a lot of college football folks want to know what the refs were seeing to award the first down on this play.

As mentioned above, the refs in this game are going to need to explain what they’re doing because the bad calls and no-calls in obvious penalty situations are just egregious.

Still, it doesn’t negate the beauty that was one of Colorado State’s touchdowns, an intercepted pitch by a defensive lineman who then rumbled into the endzone.

Weird game, weird refs.

[Matt Clapp]

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