One of the most entertaining parts of college football, especially early in the season, is seeing teams you generally wouldn’t see take the field in nonconference play.

Take this past weekend’s game between the Baylor Bears and Long Island Sharks as an example. On paper, it seems like a pretty pedestrian game where Baylor will just roll through their lesser opponents.

While that did happen, Baylor won 30-7, the biggest talking point of the game was the very unconventional throwing motion that Long Island quarterback Chris Howell uses.

Every so often in the NFL you’ll see Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen attempt a sidearm pass when avoiding a sack, but Howell appears to do it on every throw he makes. The pass also traveled nearly 40 yards in the air, which is much farther than Mahomes or Allen generally throw up.

Unfortunately for Howell, it was the highlight of the day for him as he’d finish just 4-10 for 41 yards and an interception as Long Island is a traditionally run-first team. Howell did, however, have Long Island’s only touchdown on the day, scampering in for a 10-yard rushing touchdown.

Howell is still looking for his first career touchdown pass, as the freshman has yet to record one in the two games he’s appeared in this season.

Social media couldn’t get enough of Howell’s throwing motion.

[Colton Denning]