Manti Te'o opened up on how people's perception of him changed following the catfish scandal Oct 21, 2018; Baltimore, MD, USA; New Orleans Saints linebacker Manti Te’o (51) stays on the field before the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Former Notre Dame standout and NFL veteran Manti Te’o has been in the limelight of late after the über-popular Netflix Untold documentary on his infamous catfishing incident debutedback in August. It now seems that he wants to parlay that popularity into an interesting career change.

According to, Te’o signed with United Talent Agency for representation on Tuesday.

This deal includes help in a number of areas, including broadcasting, public speaking, publishing, unscripted television, and audio.

The recent documentary gained a ton of supporters for Te’o after all the details emerged from the wild catfishing incident. It appears that he may be looking at a potential role in media moving forward.

The former Notre Dame standout and 2013 second-round pick has seen his football career come to a standstill. He last played in the NFL in with the Chicago Bears in 2020.

In September, Te’o was asked whether an NFL return is potentially in the cards in the future. While he didn’t rule it out, it certainly seemed like that wasn’t something that interested him all that much. “That’s not the most important thing on my mind right now,” Te’o said on a potential NFL return.

It will certainly be interesting to see what direction Te’o goes with this new career choice.

Given his track record of being one of the most polarizing and dominant players in the history of college football, he could almost certainly have a career in broadcasting college football if he chooses to do so.

It is also entirely possible that the coverage of the catfishing incident has made it so Te’o wants to get away from sports altogether.

Regardless, it is a very intriguing new path in the life of Manti Te’o that will certainly be worth keeping an eye on.


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