Michigan State vs. Washington football

Michigan State won its first two games of the football season by a combined score of 87-13. Was that a product of playing against Western Michigan or Akron, or were the No. 11 ranked Spartans just that good? After their game against Washington on Saturday night, it looks like the former.

On the surface, a 39-28 final score doesn’t look that bad. The Huskies were unranked coming into the game, but they were also 2-0 and were actually the betting favorites. Unfortunately for Michigan State, the game wasn’t really that close.

The Huskies led 22-0 in the second quarter and 29-8 at halftime. Washington went up 16-0 early in the second quarter and after that, the Spartans were never within 10 points. Michigan State needed two fourth-quarter touchdowns to lose only by 11 points.

The Huskies didn’t turn the ball over once and Huskies quarterback Michael Pennix Jr. threw for 397 yards with four touchdowns. While the Spartans did well to not let the game get completely out of hand, they were still clearly outplayed. As the game developed, and when it ended, college football fans were highly critical of Michigan State’s less-than-stellar trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Of course, the college football world wasn’t only blasting the Spartans. There was also some well-earned praise for the Huskies.

The early weeks of the college football season have created more questions than they’ve answered. Seeing a highly ranked team lose by double digits will only add to that.

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