Mike Gundy coaching against Texas Tech.

With the Oklahoma Sooners set to move to the SEC next season and the Oklahoma State Cowboys remaining in the Big 12, this week’s installment of the Bedlam rivalry may be the last iteration of the game for quite some time.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that the teams will stop playing each other, it’s much tougher to do as a nonconference game, as we’ve seen from the Texas/Texas A&M and since-restarted Missouri/Kansas rivalries since conference realignment stopped both from being annual affairs. It is presumed after Saturday, Bedlam will be indefinitely postponed.

Luckily, this week’s game is already off to a hot start, thanks to Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy and former Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth taking verbal jabs at each other on Monday.

It started with Gundy, Oklahoma State’s quarterback from 1986-89, sharing that the game feels different than it used to, due to social media’s rise and everything becoming more viewable. “It was a rivalry then,” Gundy said. “Bosworth spit in my face and I spit in his. It was actually a rivalry,” the coach continued.

Wasting little time, Bosworth fired off a response on his X account Monday afternoon, saying, “Guess what Coach G..Bedlam is still a rivalry & BIG BROTHER still wants to whip lil brother’s ***..How abOUt we meet this Saturday at yOUr place…let’s say the 50 yard line so we can exchange pleasantries the old fashion way..FACE TO FACE.. I’ll see yOU there..BOOMER!”

The series has heavily favored Oklahoma historically, with the Sooners holding an all-time 91-19-7 edge. However, this year’s game will be played in Stillwater, where Oklahoma State pulled out a 37-33 victory in 2021.

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