Horse poop led to a delay in Friday's game between Navy and SMU Friday’s game between Navy and SMU was delayed for a while. Not for weather or an injury — but horse poop.

If we can take one lesson from the 2022 college football season, what is it? That even the best teams can be extremely shaky from week to week? That’s something. But the 2022 season has also been a reminder that when live animals are involved, weird things happen.

In a September game between UTSA and Texas, a fan got into the pit of Bevo, the actual Texas Longhorn, and did some stupid things. Staying in Texas, Friday’s game between Navy and SMU also featured a bizarre incident involving an animal. Actually, what the animal did is anything but bizarre. What it led to, though, isn’t something you’ll see every day.

As is custom, Peruna, SMU’s Shetland Pony, ran across the field after the Mustangs scored a touchdown. Only this time, Peruna left some souvenirs on the field during his journey from one end zone to the other.

Naturally, some fun was had with this one.

We’ve seen weather delays, and of course, long injury timeouts. But a horse manure delay? That’s a new one. And while George Costanza once theorized that “manure” wasn’t that bad when you broke it down, we can imagine that playing football in it is not desirable.

W.C. Fields once advised to never work with children or animals. Clearly, SMU has not taken that advice. Whether that’s a good idea or not is up to the beholder. This much is clear, though. When animals are involved, things become unpredictable. And as Forrest Gump said, sometimes, it happens.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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