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College Football has been known to have some of the most creative gimmicks in all of sports during the bowl season. A new addition to the bowl season is the Pop-Tarts Bowl, which features a new Pop-Tarts Bowl trophy that was unveiled on Tuesday.

The Pop-Tarts Bowl is a new bowl game that was introduced for the 2023 season, taking over the previously known Cheez-It Bowl.

The matchup between the NC State Wolfpack and the Kansas State Wildcats will feature a ton of new and interesting twists, including the first-ever edible mascot of the popular breakfast snack during the game.

That should obviously make for some very funny moments throughout the game. Just imagine a player scoring on a huge play and then going over to the edible mascot to take a bit out of the delicious Pop-Tart on the sidelines.

The bowl sponsors also got extremely creative with the championship trophy that will go to the winner of the game. The trophy features two engraved Pop-Tarts on the side of it, and a replica football at the top of it that has two slots to resemble a toaster, which of course has two real Pop-Tarts inside of it.

NC State head coach Dave Doeren and Kansas State head coach Chris Klieman unveiled the trophy on Tuesday morning, ripping off the classic silver wrapping on the trophy like any Pop-Tarts always traditionally has.

Fans took notice of the trophy and not only loved the look of the trophy itself but praised the creativity that went into the whole unveiling process.

For non-CFP bowl games, the sponsors of the bowls have to find ways to get fans interested in the games, as there is obviously not as much on the line as those teams competing for a chance at a National Championship.

It certainly seems like this cool trophy along with edible mascot idea has done a great job of getting fans interested in this upcoming matchup on Thursday.

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