NFL players have a lot to worry about. They’ve got to be focused on the task at hand and playing at a high level throughout the season. They have to try to avoid injuries as much as possible. They have to balance a strenuous and time-consuming profession with family life and off-field commitments.

So hopefully you can understand why they don’t really have a lot of time to care about how your fantasy football team is doing. Green Bay Packers tight end Martellus Bennett sums it up…

Because this is the internet, not everyone was a big fan of the playful sentiment. There had to be an important discussion about the effect of fantasy football on actual NFL players. And then Bennett had to come back with the truth.

Of course, even with all of that said, not even Martellus is above enjoying a side game every now and again.

We need some video of that, stat. In the meantime, we’re sure plenty of people will draft Martellus for their fantasy football team and he won’t care and that will be just fine. If you happen to win, keep your profits. Bennett’s three-year, $21 million contract still probably beats that.

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