Minor league teams are the absolute best at promotions and gimmicks, and the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and Fresno Grizzlies have been capitalizing on a bit of a food fight on Twitter for a while now.

The stakes have been raised this season as the two teams are going head-to-head to determine what gameday food item is the absolute best; bacon or tacos? In the latest development in the season-long online rivalry, the IronPigs are banning tacos from being sold in their stadium this weekend.

The triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies announced the ban on tacos for Saturday’s game, which is really nothing more than the latest way to keep this fan poll fresh as the season plays on and the poll’s closing date quickly approaches. In addition to banning tacos, the IronPigs will provide the option of adding bacon bits to any other food item sold at the concession stands.Bacon bits on a hot dog, or pizza, or cheese fries?

Bacon bits on a hot dog, or pizza, or cheese fries? Yes, please!

Bacon bits on my ice cream in a mini helmet? Well, not so….. eh, sure, why not?

“It was an easy decision. Serving tacos on Saturday would be hypocritical,” Lehigh Valley IronPigs President and General Manager Kurt Landes said in a released statement. “Saturday is about proving once and for all that there is absolutely no substitute for bacon. Period.”

The teams are allowing fans to vote on their preferred food, bacon or tacos. The team that loses the online food vote will have to wear the other team’s hat on the field for a game in June. So if the IronPigs win their fight for bacon, the Grizzlies will have to wear a hat of the Pigs. Conversely, should the Grizzlies prevail with their tacos over bacon, then the IronPigs will have to wear Fresno’s hat.

This has been a fun little food battle that has been brewing for some time, as the teams have a history of battling on the internet over such important things like food.

In the end, I hope we can all just get along and realize that bacon on tacos is a wonderful treat as well.

[The 700 Level/Photo: @IronPigs]

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