Any podcast listeners will tell you that there’s a subscription box out there for just about everything these days. For fans of Oreo cookies, that’s extremely true now that they are selling a “Cookie Club” subscription through Amazon.

Per Delish, if you really want to make sure you’ve always got some Oreos handy but don’t want to deal with shopping for them at supermarkets or gas stations, you can just sign up for a monthly delivery. The curated box (congrats, we’ve found a way to combine “curated” and “Oreos”) includes two packs of Oreo cookies, a “one-of-a-kind OREO inspired gift,” and recipe card. The box itself is referred to as an “artistically designed OREO gifting box,” which we assume you’ve always wanted.

What kind of gift are we talking about here? Choices range from a mug to a hat to a game, though regardless of what it is you better believe it will be Oreo-branded. No word on whether or not you can couple this with a monthly milk box subscription.

As Mental Floss points out, one Amazon user said their January delivery included cinnamon Oreo cookies, chocolate hazelnut Oreos, Oreo hot cocoa mix, Oreo socks, and a recipe for cinnamon Oreo mug cake.

Boxes ship between the 5th and 10th of each month with three-month ($59.97), six-month ($119.94), and 12-month ($239.88) subscriptions available. It should be noted that the cost of the box is way more than if you just went out and bought a couple packs of Oreos each month. So, you know, don’t consider this some kind of bulk-buying money saver. It’s more like the kind of thing you get for your friend who is obsessed with Oreo cookies.

Speaking of which, we think you should have a talk with your friend who is obsessed with Oreo cookies. Life is too short.


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