Located at 504 6th Avenue in New York City sits a Chipotle. But it’s not a normal Chipotle.

When you walk in and get in line to order your food, you can order Chipotle’s hit items and so much more. This Chipotle is the company’s “Chipotle NEXT Test Kitchen” where the popular Mexican chain tests new items.

This was where Chipotle first tested its own queso before releasing it at locations around the world. Now, Chipotle is testing a new item: nachos.

Chipotle’s NEXT Kitchen is located at 504 6th Avenue in New York City.

On Wednesday, I ventured to the Chipotle NEXT Kitchen to try out these nachos with a completely open mind.

My order: Chips, queso, shredded cheese, pico de gallo (mild salsa), medium salsa, corn salsa, guacamole, and steak.

Some people may question why I didn’t get beans or sour cream on my nachos as those are nacho staples. I didn’t get beans because I wasn’t in the mood for them and am not a huge fan. Sour cream, meanwhile, I didn’t get because I find the condiment repulsive and refuse to eat it.

But anyway, the nachos I did eat. Right off the bat, I’ll give them a 3 out of 5. Were they tasty? Yes. But were they something I’d get again? Absolutely not.

First off, they were a little cold. The chips were kept in a metal container that didn’t seem to provide any heat. Each chip I ate was either lukewarm or chilled. The only warm items I had on the nachos were steak and queso. Everything else on the nachos was cold, leading to the nachos themselves being cold as a whole.

This was a little disappointing as I consider myself a nachos connoisseur who loves ordering nachos whenever I can. Rarely if ever do I encounter a plate of nachos that is cold or at the very least, lukewarm overall. As a result, I liked the nachos less than I may have if the salsas were a little warmer and the chips themselves were warm. Sometimes, cold chips can taste a little stale and this was the case for some of the chips I ate.

Second, the lack of a real melted cheese on them was disappointing. The queso itself was fine, but it didn’t really mimic a melted cheese that you find on most nachos. I tried to supplement that by getting shredded cheese on the nachos, but it didn’t suffice.

The third thing that really bothered me was the lack of substance. I’ll get into the pricing breakdown of the nachos later, but my specific order was $12.03. If I were to order a burrito bowl with the same items in it, including queso and guacamole, with a side of chips, my order would be $13.30 before tax.

Basically, there really is no point in getting the nachos. For just a dollar or so more, you get a better item. Were they good? Yes. But for almost an identical price, you can get much more food by ordering a bowl with chips.

The final thing that stuck with me was the amount of chips I got. I didn’t count, but I would estimate I probably got around 20 or so chips. I don’t know this for certain, but the last couple of times I’ve gotten a side of chips with a burrito bowl, I feel like I had way more chips in that bag than in these nachos.

Due to the lack of quantity you get, you end up taking a lot of bites without the chips. This might be something that people like in that you have plenty of toppings. But to me, it was too much. Don’t get me wrong — I like when I have a lot of toppings on my nachos, but this was over the top.

If the nachos are sold worldwide, people will buy them. I asked an employee if people bought them a lot and he said yes, they do. As for me, I don’t have any plans of getting them again. Instead, I’ll stick to a burrito bowl with chips on the side and be much more full at the end of the day.

Price breakdown: $4.80 for chips with queso and salsas.

Meats are additional: Chicken or Sofritas is $2.90, Carnitas is $3.35, and Steak or Barbacoa is $3.80.

Yes, guacamole is extra: $2.45.

Rating: 3 out of 5, whereas a burrito bowl with chips is 4/5.

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