Basketball gaming fans are in for a real treat with the upcoming release of NBA 2K17. The franchise has always included classic teams as a part of the game, but now players will be able to play with perhaps the most famous basketball team of all time — the 1992 U.S. Men’s Olympic “Dream Team.”

This new wrinkle comes after 2K announced a partnership with USA Basketball. As a part of this agreement, the current 2016 Men’s Olympic team will also be available to play with alongside the Dream Team. The game is also including a new tutorial mode feature that has the player taking instruction from current USA Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, who teaches the player about basic basketball strategies.

Coach K said he was excited for this feature because it gives fans a chance to connect with the legends of the game.

“Basketball has become an iconic part of American sports heritage, and I’m thrilled that fans can play with this year’s roster in NBA 2K,” said Krzyzewski who, since 2008, has coached the USA Basketball  Men’s National Team to four straight international tournament gold medals. “NBA 2K17 is the best way to connect to legends of the past ‘Dream Team’ while celebrating the success of this year’s roster.”

However, I think we all know the real reason the 69-year-old coach is so amped about this feature, and that is recruiting. I would be surprised if Krzyzewski ever picked up a controller to actually test this new feature out, but he knows who will — the next generation of basketball superstars. And which one of them wouldn’t be thrilled to play for the guy coaching them in their favorite video game? Krzyzewski’s recruiting boost from his Team USA position is well documented, and he is getting one last recruiting chip in before he hands the reigns off to Gregg Popovich.

The game is due out on Sept. 20 and the basic version will retail for $59.99. The Kobe Bryant Legend Edition will cost $79.99, and the Kobe Bryant Legend Edition Gold checks in at $99.99. Players can also pre-order any of these versions and receive the game four days early on Sept. 16.

[USA Basketball/Photo: USA Basketball]

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