Gourmet doughnuts have become all the rage these days, so much so that mainstream companies not usually associated with the breakfast food are getting involved. One such company appears to Pizza Hut… yes, the fine folks that brought you stuffed crust pizza are now also bringing the world a much needed fast food doughnut.

R-E-L-A-X though, because it appears this is a Pizza Hut Canada thing:

You’re welcome the land of Tim Horton’s — Pizza Hut brings you cheese-stuffed pizza doughnuts to clog your arteries even further.

Canada isn’t the first country Pizza Hut has looked in to getting in to the doughnut business though, as they currently offer 10 mini-doughnuts to customers in the U.K.

Oh, and lest you believe this is too far, let us remind you this is also coming from the company that tried to bring our friendly neighbours to the North the world of poutine pizza. That creation is still on the menu of Pizza Hut in Canada, along with the “why don’t they have that in the United States”-worthy creation of a smokey maple bacon pizza.

Apparently the idea of cheese-stuffed Pan Doughnuts are making some want to move north of the border:

No word yet on when or how wide the release of this product will be in Canada, but add this to the “interesting creation” pile.

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