We’ve all been there. Stuck in traffic, maybe because of rush hour, or a wreck. These are things we’re used to seeing, but nothing like this.

In a Qatar traffic jam, a video shows a tiger cub just going on a walk, running down lanes and weaving through cars on the Doha Expressway around Al Sakhama. The animal looks somewhat confused while breezing past the traffic.

This video, posted by an Oman news publication shows somebody that appears to have the tiger back on a leash, and under control. Just like you would get your dog or other pet with four legs.

It’s not clear whether or not the tiger is the man’s pet in this video, although after a pet on the head, the tiger seems fine with the circumstances that it’s now under.

Per Daily Mail, the Ministry of Interior tweeted about the issue, saying, “We assure everyone that the authorities are following what has been circulating (on social media) regarding a tiger being seen in specific areas of the country.”

The owner of  the tiger could also face a maximum of six months in prison, along with anywhere between a $270 and $2,700 fine, per Daily Mail.

It’s probably a safe bet to say that you won’t be seeing a tiger in traffic today. But then again, who knows.

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Harry Lyles Jr. is an Atlanta-based writer, and a Georgia State University graduate.