You know how you hear of an idea and you immediately say to yourself, “Don’t do this, it’s a stupid and terrible idea?” Well, some people I guess lack that filter and things like this happens.

An unplanned Fourth of July celebration caused a garage to burn down Monday night after the homeowner thought it was a good idea to use fireworks to smoke bees out of his garage. He succeeded in that he destroyed the bees nest. The problem was that he also burned down his garage.

Fire crews from multiple places tended to the fire which was at a home in a suburb of Flint, Michigan. Grand Blanc Township Fire Chief Bob Burdette said, “The homeowner was doing something with a smoke bomb trying to get a bees nest out of the garage.”

If there’s a silver lining to this, it’s that nobody was injured and the fire was largely contained to the garage. That and the neighbors must’ve gotten a show as reports said fireworks shot out of the garage and into the sky.

The homeowner, Mike Tingley, was glad that everyone is okay despite losing his garage.

“We really weren’t going to celebrate the Fourth of July so much as we just have fun in our backyard, we like to have barbecues, we had a patio back there,” said Tingley, who was home with his wife and daughter at the time of the fire. “It is depressing losing a place where we had a lot of fun, but everyone is safe and that’s the main thing.” 

I’m sure this isn’t going to be the only time someone does something stupid with fireworks this holiday. Chances are, we’ll probably be writing about a few more fireworks accidents like this during this slow news day holiday. Fireworks are fun but be careful. And when you encounter a bees nest, maybe consider spending a few bucks and get some spray instead of using a smoke bomb.

[Michigan Live/Photo: Shannon Millard]

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