In Rhode Island, the Coast Guard rescued a gubernatorial candidate from a rock-damaged yacht Sunday.

Joe Trillo brought a whole new definition to yacht rock this weekend. The 75-year-old Trillo, who served as a Republican state representative from 2001-2017 and is now campaigning for governor of Rhode Island as an independent, was playing music from his yacht to draw beachgoers’ attention to his campaign Sunday when his boat struck an uncharted rock. Here’s more from the Associated Press:

A candidate for governor in Rhode Island had to be rescued by the Coast Guard after his yacht hit a rock while blasting music at beachgoers to draw attention to his campaign.

Joe Trillo thanked first responders Monday for rescuing him and three others on Sunday near Charlestown. He said they hit a rock that wasn’t charted and started taking on water.

…It was at least the second time this month he took his 65-foot (19-meter) yacht, the Lady M, out with a giant campaign sign and playing patriotic music, drawing complaints from some beachgoers.

The Coast Guard’s northeast branch posted a photo of this with more info on the rescue:

Meanwhile, Trillo sent out a tweet thanking first responders while blaming National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration charts, and vowing to update them:

At least this was much less costly to Rhode Island than anything involving Curt Schilling.

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