Texas lawyer Tony Buzbee with his tank.

Tony Buzbee might be the most interesting man in the world, or at least the most interesting Texas A&M regent in the world. Buzbee, a prominent 49-year-old Houston lawyer who’s represented everyone from Texas governor Rick Perry to Jimmy Buffett to the Basque government in Spain, first made headlines on this site for posting a Facebook rant calling for A&M football coach Kevin Sumlin’s dismissal after the Aggies blew a 44-10 lead in a Week 1 loss to UCLA, then showed up again when he spent $600,000 on a World War II Sherman tank (seen above) and got into a dispute with his neighbors about if he could park it on his lawn.

Now, he’s in the news because a woman he went on a first date with allegedly did $300,000 worth of damage to his art collection, including pouring wine on one of his Andy Warhol originals. She’s now charged with criminal mischief, as per an ABC 13 report:

Lindy Layman, 29, has been charged with criminal mischief.

According to details that came out in court, Layman and Buzbee were on a date Saturday when she became heavily intoxicated and they returned to his home.

Buzbee believed she was too intoxicated and called an Uber driver to pick her up. She allegedly refused to leave and hid in his home. That’s when Buzbee called a second Uber driver.

Per the information read in court, Layman was aggressive toward the second Uber driver, walked back into Buzbee’s home and shouted, “I’m not leaving.” That’s when she allegedly poured red wine on his paintings and ripped them off the wall, then threw his sculptures on the ground.

The paintings apparently include an Andy Warhol original. According to court documents, the resulting damage cost at least $300,000.

That’s certainly one way to ensure you don’t get a second date. Here’s the Houston police mugshot of Layman, via CBS News:

Lindy Layman is accused of pouring wine on Tony Buzbee's paintings.

At least she got her 15 minutes of fame, and at least she didn’t get into the tank.

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