Almost a decade ago, Donald Trump promised to build the world’s greatest golf course, in Aberdeen, Scotland. The course, Trump International Golf Links, was opened in 2012, no thanks to some windmills and a rebellious farmer, but a Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel report that will air Tuesday night on HBO shows just how much Scotland came to despise Trump over the course of the ordeal.

Basically, Trump, in all his bluster, promised massive job creation and beautiful development and expansive investment and (from the Scottish perspective, at least) fell short on all fronts, making far more enemies than friends along the way.

The Real Sports clip features some brutal quotes from Al Salmond, the former First Minister of Scotland, including this exchange with reporter Bernie Goldberg:

What’s his image in Scotland today?

Oh, dreadful. Sub-zero. Donald couldn’t get elected the dog-catcher.

That dog-catcher line is particularly funny since that is in fact one of Donald’s go-to insults.

Salmond also says Trump “didn’t deliver or come anywhere near delivering on the promises he made” and that “Just about the last person I would want to see in the White House is Donald Trump.”

Goldberg sums up Trump’s interaction with the Scots like this:

After a decade of dealing with Trump, Salmond and a lot of other Scots say they made a mistake. That they were seduced by Trump’s promises. That he talked big but didn’t deliver. Not on the jobs he promised or the billions he said he’d invest. And on top of that, he came to be known as a brash, loud-mouthed bully.

Below a preview of tomorrow’s segment.

Is any of that shocking? Maybe not. But at least now we know with certainty that if Trump’s campaign to be U.S. president falls flat, he will not be able to take refuge in Scotland.

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