While Tiger did lead alone at one point during the final round on Sunday before falling back, he stood on the 18th tee with a chance to at least tie the clubhouse lead at -6. He needed a birdie to do it, and the 18th being a very difficult hole, a good tee shot was required for Tiger to have a chance at his first major in more than ten years.

And then, some idiot yelled during his swing. NBC picked it up pretty cleanly, and the broadcast crew were on it right away:

Johnny Miller was insistent that Tiger wouldn’t want to hit it again if they gave him the choice, the result being good enough despite the yell, and Tiger’s approach shot seemed to confirm that, as he did this with a gap wedge:

That left him with this birdie putt, which was definitely within range:

In the end, that wouldn’t have mattered for the championship, as his playing partner Francesco Molinari made birdie to move to -8. It was still a fantastic tournament for Woods, who entered today with a chance to contend and managed to do just that, coming slightly unraveled on the back after a double at 11 and a bogey at 12 knocked him from the lead.

This will be Tiger’s best finish since a T6 at the 2013 Open, and if he can stay healthy, Woods is going to keep contending. He’s playing well enough to do it. He’s never going to be the clear-cut most dominant player in the world again, but that’s okay. We’ve seen that already. This version of Tiger is almost more entertaining anyway.

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8 thoughts on “Here’s some jackass yelling in the middle of Tiger’s swing on the 18th tee at the Open

  1. this is why i have no respect for golfers. if adam vinateri can hit a 50 yard field goal with 70k fans screaming them or ssteph curry hit a free throw with 20k fans yelling obscenities. then why cant a golfer hit a put if one dude makes a stupid comment?

    1. This is a very dumb comment. Because when Vinatieri is ready to kick, the 70k fans are already screaming before the ball is even snapped. So to him it’s white noise in the background. He can concentrate and zone in on the ball while the 70k fans are screaming before the ball is even snapped to the holder. The noise level is roughly the same from the time the snapper delivers to the time the kicker kicks.

      In golf, the crowd is usually silent until after the shot. In this instance, the idiot screamed in the middle of the swing which is no longer white noise in the background you can filter out but an actual distraction to throw off your timing.

      A golfer swinging in absolute silence, is almost the exact same thing as a kicker kicking in a roaring stadium. If The kicker went up to the kick and the crowd did a 180 and went completely silent it would throw off the kicker. A golfer would be able to adjust to hitting in a crowd making noise from beginning to end, IF the noise was consistent. Not like in this video where it’s quiet until his actual swing when the moron yells.

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