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The golf world just can’t seem to escape the controversy surrounding the LIV Golf series backed by Greg Norman.

PGA Tour star Rory McIlroy has been one of the league’s biggest critics, previously calling the enterprise a “failed endeavor” and that it would never get enough golfers to fully compete in tournaments.

The 2022 PGA Championship starts on Thursday, and McIlroy yet again discussed the LIV Golf series during his press conference on Tuesday.

It seems that McIlroy wishes that the whole idea of the LIV Golf enterprise would just go away, as he had some more pretty negative comments regarding the league.

“Honestly I’m rooting for it all to be over,” McIlroy said about the ongoing drama. “I’m just so sick of talking about it.”

“I’ve made my decision, and I know where I want to play, and I’m not standing in anyone’s way, and I’m not saying that they shouldn’t go over there and play if that’s what they feel is right for them, then 100 percent they should go and do it,” said McIlroy. “I’m certainly not wanting to stand in anyone’s way. But I think the sooner it all happens and the sooner everything shakes out, I think we can all just go back to not talking about it and doing what we want to do.”

McIlroy added that his comments before regarding the league being a failed enterprise may have been a bit early considering that the league is set to begin in three weeks and seems like it will fully have enough golfers to play.

He also commented on Phil Mickelson’s decision to withdraw from the tournament following his latest controversy surrounding his gambling debts throughout his career, and a new book that may have more information regarding his endeavors during that time.

“Unfortunate; sad,” McIlroy said. “This should be a celebration, right? He won a major championship at 50 years old. It was possibly his last big, big moment in the game of golf. He should be—I think he should be here this week and celebrating what a monumental achievement he achieved last year.”

McIlroy should be in the clear of answering any more questions regarding the new league once it begins, especially if he were to win the PGA Championship this week.

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