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The Tuesday before the Masters marks the annual tradition of the Champions Dinner. Part of that tradition is that the reigning champion gets to pick the menu.

This year, that’s Scottie Scheffler.

His menu possessed firecracker shrimp, tortilla soup a Texas ribeye steak or blackened redfish, he also had cheeseburger sliders for the appetizers. However, these sliders were served Scottie-style.

What exactly is Scottie-style?

Glad you asked, because someone else did too. The Masters’ Twitter account came through clutch to give us the low down on it as well.

It appears to be your typical cheeseburger with meat and cheese. Plus, the usual fixings with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle … but it has one extra element that sets it over the top. Fries, but inside the burger.


The dinner is held at August National Golf Club where those in attendance (former winners) sport their green jackets. The menu is made to reflect the winner’s taste and origin and wasn’t made public until 1986.

Previous winner Dustin Johnson had filet mignon with herb butter, mashed potatoes, and vegetables for dinner with apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Tiger Woods, in 2020, had a sushi Augusta Roll with steak and chicken fajitas and churros with chocolate sauce for dessert.

Scheffler, along with other pros, will begin the tournament starting on Thursday.

Don’t worry. If you weren’t invited to the dinner, you’re not alone. But you have other options, of course.

The Masters gives fans the best options for concessions during the tournament, at a very affordable price.

[The Masters on Twitter]

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