In hockey games, even in Canadian junior hockey leagues (ages 16-21), a fight on the ice is not uncommon. On occasion, those fights can even devolve into a full-fledged brawl.

However the scene unfolds, it follows a pretty simple process: the players square off, the referees eventually step in, penalties are assessed, order is restored, and play resumes.

One referee, apparently tired of following this system like a mindless drone, decided he was going to disrupt this process at its very core…by punching one of the players.

At some point while breaking this brawl up, Ref No. 19 decided he was very much done with this shit. I don’t have any idea what happened at the heart of that exchange, but Ref No. 19 was more than happy to show No. 73 in white how to really throw a punch.

Of course, that was not the end of it for our rebellious pioneer. He would soon be met with some swift karmic justice of his own, courtesy of the team’s trainer rushing onto the ice and throwing some fists of his own.

Unfortunately, the video cuts off before Ref No. 19 can issue his response.

Let this be a lesson for referees everywhere: you question the system at your own peril.

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