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For the first time in over 20 years, the United States had a men’s handball team participating in the IHF World Championship. And now, for the first time ever, they’ve won a match there.

After 25 straight losses that date back to 1964, Team USA defeated Morocco in its tournament opener in Jönköping, Sweden, on Friday.

It wasn’t easy but the Americans, who were playing in the World Championship for the first time since 2001, were able to edge out the Moroccans for a 28-27 victory.

A long wait comes to an end — [Team USA’s]‘s first goal at the IHF Men’s World Championship in 22 years, after they last participated in the event in 2001  And ultimately their first win,” said the International Handball Federation account

History Made!!!,” said a tweet from the Team USA Handball account.

Following the hard-fought victory, the U.S. now gets a step up in competition, when they face Croatia on Sunday and Egypt on Tuesday. However, just like with the way it works in the FIFA World Cup, the victory on Friday puts Team USA in a good position to potentially advance out of their four-team pod.

Team USA, which includes U.S. Space Force officer Drew Donlin, American Ninja Warrior competitor Gary Hines and former Alabama walk-on Ty Reed, is ramping up now and in the coming years for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles as it should receive an automatic spot as the host nation.

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