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Gleyber Torres was four months old when Bartolo Colon debuted in the major leagues back in 1997. He was a year and a half old when Bartolo made his first all-star game. He was eight years old when Bartolo won the 2005 Cy Young Award.

And he was 21 year old Monday night when he homered off 44-year-old Bartolo in the second inning of the Yankees-Rangers game in Arlington, launching an absolute bomb to left field.

Those 87-mile-per-hour fastballs have tricked a whole lot of hitters in recent years, but the 21-year-old rookie wasn’t fooled.

Torres is off to a fairly remarkable start to his big-league career, batting .317/.380/.537 with five home runs after Monday’s long ball. The only Yankee to ever reach five home runs at a younger age? Mickey Mantle.

Bartolo, for his part, is hanging in there three days short of his 45th birthday. He entered Monday with a 2.82 ERA, and although Gleyber did some damage to that figure, it’s still not so bad for a dude midway through his fifth decade.

As of this writing, Gleyber and the Yankees lead Bartolo and the Rangers 3-1 midway through the third inning.

UPDATE: Gleyber homered again off Colon, with one out in the sixth inning, knocking the veteran righty from the game. In doing so, he established himself alongside Mantle once again.

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