Anthony Rendon Opening Day Apr 1, 2023; Oakland, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon warms up before the game against the Oakland Athletics at RingCentral Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Angels star Anthony Rendon, who has not played since July 4, talked to a reporter looking for an update on his condition.

Or rather, he didn’t talk, really. He talked just enough to get himself in trouble.

The veteran third baseman gave a terse, four-word response: “No habla inglés today.”

Rendon donned a hoodie and left the clubhouse after that Sunday encounter with The Athletic‘s Sam Blum.

The comment angered many fans. While some were mad about the casual cultural appropriation, it would have been just as offensive to many if he had said it in English. It simply was not a good look for Rendon. who is on the 60-day IL with a shin injury.

Fans and reporters don’t need a daily update on a player’s injury rehab, but an update now and then is expected.

Rendon, who signed a seven-year, $245 million free-agent deal with the Angels before the 202o season, has put up disappointing numbers. After a good showing in the Covid-shortened 2020 season, he’s hit only 13 home runs in three seasons since, playing only 148 games.

So fans, and the media, have a right to wonder when he will return.

Rendon’s callous dismissal of a reporter for simply asking the question led the baseball world to sharpen its knives. The popular Foolish Baseball Twitter account broke the Internet with a spoof post, claiming “When asked about his injury timetable today, Anthony Rendon slowly produced a Colt Paterson revolver and shot me in the shin. He remains on the 60-day IL.”

The account followed up with a fake “Community Notes” warning saying, “This did not happen. User is not an Angels beat writer.”


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