Rally Runner

The St. Louis Cardinals super fan, widely known as “Rally Runner,” was arrested in connection with the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

According to an NBC News report, Daniel Donnelly Jr. has been arrested and charged with a felony count involving the J6 breach of the Capitol.

Donnelly’s presence at the Capitol on that infamous day has never been in question. That day, he posted a lengthy Facebook video explaining his role.

“I get a riot shield, and I’m not trying to cause any violence, but I’m trying to be the furthest person to get through all the way, or at least get the furthest,” Donnelly said. “We pushed them all the way into the doors. It was working until more cops showed up. I’m right at the front of it and got through those doors into the Capitol, and that’s when reinforcements came.”

In 2021, former Fox News celebrity Tucker Carlson interviewed an attorney for several alleged J6 participants, and the man claimed that Donnelly was a “law enforcement” officer, part of a false-flag operation to make former President Donald Trump’s supporters look bad.

While federal prosecutors, his attorney, and others will hash out his J6 role in court, Donnelly’s Rally Runner persona has made him a quasi-celebrity of sorts among Cardinals fans. He’s known for sprinting around Busch Stadium during home games in Cardinals gear and red face paint. Years ago, he told a local newspaper that his running “strengthens the spirit for the Cardinals to get the energy to win.”

Donnelly, who, according to one report, has a “tenuous relationship with reality,” has embraced the Rally Runner role; his federal arrest warrant notes, “It appears from a recent review of Daniel Donnelly Jr.’s DMV records he changed his legal name to Rally Runner.”

Whatever his actual name, Donnelly/Rally Runner now faces serious trouble.

Twitter wasted no time reacting to the news.

[Ryan J. Reilly, NBC News]

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