David Ortiz has got some serious power.

The Boston Red Sox slugger was taking batting practice at Fenway Park in advance of Thursday’s matchup against the Minnesota Twins, when he did something incredible. Not only did he hit the iconic Pesky’s Pole, but he got the ball lodged into the pole.

It’s an impressive accomplishment from Ortiz. The DH didn’t mince his words about the home run either.

“You’re only going to see a bad (expletive) like me doing that,” Ortiz told Jen McCaffrey of Mass Live as he walked off the field.

“You have to hit the (expletive) out of the ball for that (expletive) to happen.”

The question remains, do the folks in Boston keep the ball in the pole, or do they try to fish it down? Keeping the ball in Pesky’s Pole would be a perfect way to celebrate Ortiz’s power and a nice retirement gift. Fans can go to Fenway and see the ball and be reminded of Ortiz. Will Major League Baseball allow a ball to be stuck in a foul pole? I’d lean towards, no. But, it would sure be fun if they let it stay up there – at least until another home run unlodges it.

Ortiz is a one of a kind and the practice home run and ensuing comments perfectly capture his mindset as a player. The game will sure miss Ortiz when he’s gone.

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