Triston Casas

For Triston Casas, being a top prospect in the Boston Red Sox organization comes at a price. But it’s not in the $100-million range. At least not yet.

The 23-year-old was asked about another top prospect, Corbin Carroll, who had just signed an eight-year, $111-million contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The reason the subject was brought up was due to the fact that Caroll had only played in 32 major-league games before earning such a lucrative, long-term deal.

Casas has 27 big-league games to his name.

He hasn’t been approached by the Red Sox BRASS yet, but that could mean good news for the future.

“Nothing still,” Casas recently told “It was encouraging to see. He has 32 games so I guess I have to wait for seven or eight more to be considered. But it was encouraging to see, for sure. I’m really happy for him. He know he is an electric player. I have never seen him play in person, but from his highlights, I can imagine he deserves all of that.”

Casas added the money isn’t something he’s concentrating on at the moment. It’s secondary to what he wants to accomplish.

He’s not just saying that, either.

Casas made a statement with his nails recently. He painted them a red color with a sparkly accent nail. People were curious as to why he did it. He’s been doing it a while now, and it’s something he does for his mom, but there’s more to it than that.

“I want to make sure that I do good with my platform,” Casas told The Boston Globe’s Julian McWilliams last month. “I feel like as a baseball player, sometimes I lose focus and perspective as to what really matters.”

Casas told he was trying to focus on what he was working on in the present.

“Right now I’m just trying to make a name for myself,” he said. “I’m happy for Corbin and his family, but I’m just focused on here and now. I can’t get $100 million ahead of myself.”

Casas got his major-league call-up last season after slashing .281/.389/.500 with an .889 OPS and 78 hits in 76 games and is putting together a nice spring training campaign.


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