Detroit Tigers Bark at the Park

Many MLB teams hold “Bark at the Park” promotions, where fans can bring their dogs to the stadium for a fun outing.

Comerica Park hosted another such event Tuesday for the Detroit Tigers game against the Texas Rangers. We can only assume the fans and their furry companions had a good time, but Bally Sports Detroit’s broadcast definitely had some fun with the event, featuring several great shots of dogs in the stands.

In one shot, as the camera panned across a row full of dogs, Tigers play-by-play announcer Matt Shepard noted, “That’s a good-looking group right there. … I like that row. Some good-looking pups right there.”

The players even got into the act. Bally Sports’ opening for the game featured Tigers first baseman Spencer Torkelson holding his French bulldog, Coco.

The Tigers later sent out a tweet with Torkelson and his dog, noting “Stop what you’re doing and say hello to Coco Torkelson right this instant.”

While Twitter is full of divisive content, trolls, and people who are mean but also grossly misinformed, when you post a couple of cute dog videos and photos, people go nuts.

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