You just can’t get away with anything nowadays with plenty of TV cameras and social media ready to catch those antics. Detroit Tigers center fielder Tyler Collins has learned that if he didn’t know it already.

Collins flipped off the Detroit crowd Monday evening after he lost track of a pop fly in the lights, letting the ball drop in for a hit. Left fielder Justin Upton came over to help, but both players ended up looking silly in the process.

The Detroit faithful (if you can call them that at this point) started booing as a result, and Collins took exception to it by flipping the crowd off, and cursing at them.

Collins apologized for his actions after the game, and told reporters that he was embarrassed about the whole ordeal, according to

“That hurt. To be at home and to hear boos after that play hit a trigger inside of me and I lashed out completely inappropriately. I’m absolutely embarrassed that happened and I’m very sorry to everybody in Detroit. I just want you guys to understand that I love this team and I want to win. So when we come home and get booed, it’s tough to swallow. But like I said, I apologize completely. I’m embarrassed at myself. I know my family’s embarrassed at me. I’m sure these guys are, too. I’m sorry it happened.”

Manager Brad Ausmus said that he spoke to Collins about his actions according to MLive, and added, “He regrets it. It was an emotional reaction. He regrets it. He knows it was wrong.”


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