It’s always cringeworthy when a fan interferes with a live ball at a baseball game, and typically results in ejection from the stadium (and confiscation of the ball) for the fan.

During Wednesday night’s Pirates-Braves game at SunTrust Park, a fan interfered with a live ball (which is becoming an all too common event at the new ballpark), and gave the ball to a kid.

Then, a security guard jumped into action and reacted like he had spiked his morning coffee with Red Bull.

That seems like just a bit of an overreaction, right?

Don’t get me wrong, the fan completely deserved to be ejected, but the reaction from the security guard was way over the top.

The kid was reportedly given a team-autographed ball afterwards, so it’s not as if he got completely screwed over. But he was just collateral damage for the interfering fan’s actions, and it’s not a good look for a sport that has been criticized for failing to reach out to younger fans in recent years.

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1 thought on “After ejecting fan for interference, Braves security guard takes ball from young fan

  1. Nope I disagree. Just like General Sherman, make war against anyone who is part of the interference. The ball should have been taken no matter what and the man ejected from the stadium. The kid will get over it so stop whining. If an exception is made what’s to stop everyone from interfering with fair balls and handing them to their kid?

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