There’s a lot of weird promotions at sporting events out there. One of the strangest, but also the funniest, is probably the Galápagos Gang.

The Galápagos Gang are a group of performers based in Philadelphia who wear giant inflatable animal outfits, much like the ZOOperstars, and perform at different events.

This week, the never before seen Sid, a Galápagos sea lion, Iggy, a land iguana, and Calvin, a giant tortoise, all appeared at Citizens Bank Park during a game between the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies. With the Nationals being the home team, the Galápagos Gang  decided to take advantage.

R.I.P., fake Nationals third base coach.

Here’s some ideas for future Galápagos Gang characters based on current athletes. While some of these animals are found in the Galápagos, they would still apply. Then again, the Galápagos Gang is based in Philadelphia and would have to start doing more promotions across the country for these to work:

Mike Trout: This one is easy because they don’t have to change his name at all. While all the other mascots have an animal inserted into an athletes name, they could just simply create a trout with an Angels’ jersey on it.

Miguel CUBrera: This one is a little like Trout in that the name barely needs to be changed, if at all. Here, they could put a Tigers’ jersey on a little bear.

Kawhi Leopard: They both dominate those around them and are pretty fast. This is an easy one and could be introduced immediately as Kawhi Leonard has become one of the best players in the league.

Patrick Crane: The Chicago Blackhawks stars has ran into some legal troubles recently, which could make the company hesitant to introduce a ZOOperstar with his name attached. However, if they do, the Crane is a perfect choice.

Rob Grizzly Bear: This name doesn’t work well at all with the Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski, but the Grizzle Bear and Gronkowski have similar roles in their separate worlds. Both are incredibly intimidating, but both have a cuddly friendly way about them that makes you want to be best friends with them.


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