Phillies Brawl

The Philadelphia Phillies lost to the Houston Astros, 3-2, Thursday night in Game 5 of the World Series in Pennsylvania.

The loss on the field wasn’t the only loss some Phillies fans took. At some point during the game, a Citizens Bank Park women’s bathroom turned into a war zone as a massive brawl erupted.

You can see the fracas in the video below, which is probably NSFW:

The source of the fight is not known, but it featured five women brawling inside the stadium. Two took their fight to the ground while three other women chose to throw hands while standing on their feet.

The Phillies, for their part, could certainly have used some of this hitting on the field.

Some fans reacted to the fight:

“This is how I fight in my dreams,” joked one user.

“I love the one chick who’s like, “Excuse me. Just trying to leave,'” said another fan.

“Where was the fight? I saw a bunch of girls rolling on a bathroom floor?” asked a Twitter user.

Game 6 of the 2022 World Series is scheduled for Saturday night in Houston with the Astros leading 3-2. Houston is currently listed at (-500) to win the series, meaning a bettor would have to risk $500 to win $100. The odds entering the series were Houston (-125).