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Sports commissioners are generally unpopular but MLB commissioner Rob Manfred might be the least popular of the bunch. When you say and do things that get fans to believe you hate baseball and have reporters ask you that, it’s pretty bad. However, Manfred recently discussed implementing something that isn’t going to be universally despised by fans.

While on The Carton Show, Craig Carton asked the commissioner if there will be a time where umpires will no longer be calling balls and strikes and Manfred seemed to be in favor of that eventually happening.

“I think that you’re going to see the automated system in one form or another. We’re using two forms in the Minor Leagues. One where every pitch is called by the machine and the second one is a challenge system, takes about four seconds for the challenge. I think in one form or another, there’s a good chance we’re going to be using it in the Big League level at some point.”

This is a much needed implementation that needs to happen sooner rather than later. Tennis is a prime example of how fast and accurate an automated system can be and there’s no reason a similar system can’t happen in MLB. Umpires have had issues determining balls and strikes and it seems like it’s getting worse.

While there will be purists who will resist any change and some wanting this to happen now, let’s just give credit where it’s due and point out that Manfred actually said something a large portion of the fanbase supports. Because it might be a long time before this happens again.

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