A high-rolling Vegas gambler has now gone 6-0 betting on the winner of each World Series game, according to Associated Press odds provider RJ Bell. He’s been putting all of his winnings into the next game’s wager, which meant he put his $8 million in winnings from Game 5’s insane, back-and-forth, walk-off thriller on the Dodgers to win Game 6.

The Dodgers went on to win 3-1 and force a Game 7.

Los Angeles closed at -126 for Game 6. By those odds, this mysterious person’s payout is around $14.3 million. According to Bell, what we know about this anonymous bettor is he’s an Eastern European man under 30 years old whose only betting history in Vegas are some “monster” UFC bets, on which he is also, of course, undefeated.

Biff with the Sports Almanac, confirmed.

We’ll see if our Eastern European friend tries to go 7-0 tomorrow. (At this point he has to, right?) Depending on how the odds shape up, he could land a final payout of more than $30 million by picking the Astros to win the series, and $25 million with the Dodgers.

This series has been stressful and nerve-wracking enough even for the average baseball fan. Imagine how this guy feels.

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