Adam Silver had to know this was coming, right?

Nearing the end of his thankfully brief opening address for the 2018 NBA Draft, Silver spent some time praising last season in the NBA. And since you can’t mention last year without mentioning the Golden State Warriors, Silver did just that.

The Brooklyn crowd, though, wasn’t having it, which meant Silver ended up booed harshly:

Silver seemed like he was trying not to laugh throughout, and he definitely seems to gear up for the remainder of the speech once the booing started at the mere mention of Golden State. It’s funny, of course, although it does represent the growing undercurrent of resentment for the Warriors. Not just their success, but the nature of their team-building.

Of course, Silver can’t say anything else in this setting, he just had to stand there and take it. It was a fun way to start the night.

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