Mo Bamba Austin Rivers fight.

Friday’s matchup between the Orlando Magic and the Minnesota Timberwolves featured a wild brawl that was centered around Magic center Mo Bamba and Timberwolves guard Austin Rivers. Both players were ejected from the game along with three others involved in the melee, but the feud between the two players continued on Instagram after the game.

Bamba first took to social media shortly after being ejected to post about Rivers, posting a picture of a chart that is pretty self-explanatory…

Rivers then responded with a detailed message toward Bamba on his Instagram page,  saying what he believes would have happened if other players didn’t step in to stop the fight.

“Buddy I went at you 1 on 5!!! With no backup!! U needed ur teammates, otherwise u would of been choked out. Talking about find out. We only know u from an old rap song… Not hoops. STFU. And Orlando my city. Ask around and actually find out. They don’t mess with u there… Facts!” Rivers posted.

We typically don’t see a fight in the NBA carry-over to postgame. Many around the NBA world seem to be quite entertained by this heated back and forth.

Realistically Bamba is the far more imposing presence of the two, standing eight inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than Rivers. However, Rivers has been in his fair share of brawls in his 11-year NBA career.

He was famously involved in an altercation back in 2018 while on the Los Angeles Clippers where the opposing Houston Rockets team tried to storm into the Clippers’ locker room after the game.

We will truly never know who would have gotten the better of who if this fight were allowed to progress, but it is very clear that there is no love lost between Mo Bamba and Austin Rivers.

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